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A pipe is a tubular section or hollow cylinder, usually but not necessarily circular cross-section, used mainly to convey substances which can flow liquids and gases (fluids), slurries, powders and masses of small solids. Can also be used for structural applications; hollow pipe is far stiffer per unit weight than solid members.

In common usage the words pipe and tube are usually interchangeable, but in industry and engineering, the terms are uniquely defined. Depending on the applicable standard to which it is manufactured, pipe generally specified by a nominal diameter with a constant outside diam (OD) and a schedule that defines the thickness.

Pipes vary in materials from which they are made

Proper selection of pipe largely affect the reliability of the pipeline operation and significantly increases its service life. Pipes must be durable, resistant to soil, groundwater and ground currents, withstand the internal pressure of the water, have a smooth inner surface and waterproof walls, as well as, importantly, affordable price. Produced modern pipe industry to a greater or lesser extent correspond to requirements imposed on them.

Steel pipe is most often used for water supply. When selecting such tubes allow for a wide range of diameters, steels, and the wall thickness. The steel pipe can be either seamless or welded. The first are more reliable, but they are more expensive than the latter. Seamless steel pipe is usually used in the case of welded pipes can not be used. Welded pipes differ in chemical composition and mechanical properties, as made of different kinds of steel.

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When you think it’s too late, the truth is that it is still early.

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Installing solar panels. How to do it? https://www.aukeetrading.com/installing-solar-panels-on-country-houses-how-to-do-it/ https://www.aukeetrading.com/installing-solar-panels-on-country-houses-how-to-do-it/#comments Wed, 03 Aug 2016 16:16:23 +0000 http://proto1.yourweb.de/?p=2342

Alternative energy sources have a number of advantages.

Solar panels are safe, effective, and very convenient. These panels generate electricity all year round. There are both compact and large in size models of solar panels. Monocrystalline solar cells are silicon cells, combined with each other. For their production using the most pure silicon. For polycrystalline silicon melt is subjected to slow cooling. Such technology requires less energy therefore the cost of silicon, obtained using it lower. Polymer batteries are used in areas where the greatest importance is the mechanical resilience and environmental disposal.

Solar panels – supplier of clean energy

If conduct division depending on the material used, the batteries are amorphous silicon, and if depending on the production technology – to film. In case of manufacturing panels amorphous, crystalline silicon is not used, a silane or silane which is applied a thin layer of material on the substrate. The efficiency of such batteries is only 5-6%, they have a very low rate of effectiveness, but in spite of these shortcomings, they have a number of advantages:

  • Optical absorption index is 20 times higher than that of poly- and monocrystals.
  • The thickness of elements is less than 1 micron.
  • In comparison with poly- and single crystals has a better performance in cloudy weather.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Supplier of clean energy.

Development of this type of battery has begun recently. As the light absorbing organic semiconductor materials are used, such as polyphenylene, carbon fullerene, copper phthalocyanine, and others. The film thickness is 100 nm. Polymer solar cells have an efficiency of today only 5-6%.

Solar panels have no moving parts. They are part of a complete stationary system. Therefore, as soon as they are installed, there are not too many reasons that can go wrong. Practically the only thing that a homeowner needs to do is to keep clean the panel.

But their main advantages are:

  • Low cost of production.
  • The ease and accessibility.
  • No harmful effects on the environment.
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Interior decoration of country houses with natural materials https://www.aukeetrading.com/interior-decoration-of-country-houses-with-natural-materials/ https://www.aukeetrading.com/interior-decoration-of-country-houses-with-natural-materials/#comments Mon, 25 Jul 2016 13:39:12 +0000 http://proto1.yourweb.de/?p=2327

Natural materials are pleasant to the touch, smell good, retain heat.

The walls are made of natural cedar or oak are very good. This house is very comfortable to spend time. Our company is engaged in interior decoration of homes.

The walls are made of natural wood does not pollute the environment and do not bear any harm to human health. No matter how trying developers, yet similar in degree of material security, virtually none. With proper care wood paneling can be saved for much longer than any other options. It all depends on the cost and quality of the used timber species, and the best examples can stay for decades, which will not give any wallpaper or paint or drywall.

The use of wood is always conducive to strong beautiful interior!

Interior space, made of wood, is perceived as bright, while thorough, reliable. In most cases, the fact of the use of natural wood alludes also to the fact that the owner of the home – quite a wealthy man. It is important to choose the right kind of wood material, so that it is well in tune with the overall design.

Decorating the walls of natural wood – it is not the solution design, but several, because both own varieties of wood used in the design, you can count no less than five, though each has its own texture and coloring, in addition, wood finishing materials are available in the range, but more on that below.

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We are a company with wide possibilities! https://www.aukeetrading.com/we-are-a-company-with-wide-possibilities/ https://www.aukeetrading.com/we-are-a-company-with-wide-possibilities/#respond Sun, 24 Jul 2016 14:54:20 +0000 http://slimtemplate.com/adamas-usa/?p=9690

Our company is considered one of the leaders in the US market. The wide profile of the company allows it to confidently step into the future. A large range of products and services strengths of our company. Impressive production experience allows you to create unique and very high quality products. ADAMAS company specializes in producing a wide range of metal-roll. We produce pipes, angles, channels, rails and more. The plant produces a wide range of metal-roll. Production complies with the international standards of quality for rolled metal products ISO 3573: 2012.


Our factory produces metal like steel, copper and bronze. In stock there is a constant remainder of rolled metal product range: seamless (SMLS) and welded line pipes (ERW, HFI, EFW, DSAW), flanges, channel, beam, bar and other. This plant produces a wide range of metal-roll. Production complies with the international standards of quality for rolled metal products ISO 3573: 2012. In stock there is a constant remainder of rolled metal product range: seamless (SMLS) and welded line pipes (ERW, HFI, EFW, DSAW), flanges, channel, beam, bar and other.

One of our factories engaged in the production of building materials – bricks, blocks and tiles. The special composition gives strength and a beautiful appearance. Our bricks and roof tiles best suited for construction and exterior decoration of country houses. Our building material is very durable and aesthetic. We also offer design options with our materials.


Several factories engaged in the production of chemical nitrogen fertilizers. All the production is based on modern equipment. Proper soil nutrition – the key to a good harvest. We comply with all environmental standards in the production of fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizer – inorganic and organic nitrogen-containing substances that are applied to the soil to increase crop yields.

One of the main directions of our plants is the production of feed for cattle and poultry. The best recipes, natural ingredients, high quality and high assortiment. Get high-quality food from the manufacturer! We use only natural ingredients in feed production. The cattle will grow strong and healthy. Your cows will be satisfied! In addition, our chemical plants involved in the production of chemical fertilizers and feed for livestock complex. High quality is achieved thanks to high technology production, special recipe and quality raw materials. Our food are deserved success of farmers in our country. The same can be said of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

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