Aukee is a one-stop solution and multivendor option for all kind e-commerce fulfillment, air freight, customs clearance, and brokerage solutions. Aukee offer businesses and brands to market and sell the products in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. to expand to a market of 1.5 billion people. We provide full e-commerce services from both the US and directly on Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We offer an online commerce platform in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. to sell their goods.

We also provide full logistic and brokerage services in and out of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Aukee services are not limited to: Air Freight/Ocean Freight, Brokerage, and Customs Clearance to and from any point in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We offer sourcing solutions for customers who wish to purchase goods, raw materials, and wish to have products designed and manufactured in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

In simple words, we offer end-to-end solutions for customers and brands who wish to expand to the Asian Market. Our customers will have the opportunity to work with a local partner who they can communicate with and trust so they don’t have to be tied down with trying to expand to a market without the support and we can be trusted to interact locally with our customers.

We also offer warehousing solutions for businesses that wish to have their goods stored in a secured facility in either the US or Shanghai in a Free Trade Zone for better control of taxes and duties. We also deal in e-commerce services for B2B, B2C, Drop Shipping and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

We must be focused and be able to market to potential clients that we can be the solution to expand the product to the Asian/Chinese Market. We are a US based company with a full portfolio of service offerings in and out of Asia/China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

AUKEE TRADING is a globally diversified company with a network of moving and complete E-Commerce solutions in Asia. Our company is engaged in providing complete solutions for small and big companies to operate, impact and export goods and products from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. and Asia.